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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peanut Flour Pancakes

Oh my heavens is it busy around here! Graduation is a hectic time. I have slide shows to make, display tables to decorate, scrapbooks to finish... and the food, a brunch to prepare for guests. Add to that, one college boy moving back for the summer. Then if that is not enough, we just had a pipe break, flooding our yard. It figures. We are learning at church this week about how to be "weird" with our finances. Part of the weird would be to actually have a rainy day fund. Wow. The plumber wants way more than we have in our rainy day fund. No fund now, as we are in the red for sure. Over $2000 for one pipe? Yikes. If you have ever entertained the idea of buying the e-book but put it off, now would be a good time to order it. Grin.

Breakfast was an experiment with peanut flour my kiddo brought me back from Trader Joes. I so wish we had one here. These were really pretty darn good, and much lighter than I expected. John ate them up and asked if I could make them into waffles. I may try that, but I will have to get my recipe written down. Things are so hectic today, I didn't really measure, but just winged it. I'll put down what I think I did. Don't hold me to it, as my brain is operating on too little sleep and is turning to mush. Next week things will get so much better, and I will begin working on a new cookbook project in earnest!

Peanut Flour Pancakes

1/3 cup peanut flour....maybe?
2 eggs
2 Tablespoons full fat yogurt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 packet stevia

Stir it all up and pan fry.

When I come up with a waffle batter, I promise to pay more attention. Now on to graduation! Maybe John can help me post my baby's graduation video. I always like a peek into the personal lives of my blogger friends.


Retta said...

Hey, I can say from first hand experience that the ebook is a treasure trove of tested recipes! I use them all the time. Real food for real people, not fancy-takes-all-day-to-prepare stuff.

I LOVE that lots of them are sized so that you make one big batch, and can freeze some of it and have it ready-made for later, just by thawing it out.

Oh, and you get the monthly email Newsletter when you buy the ebook... I got mine for May, and it was all about Burgers... my husband is a burger nut, so he loved it. :-)

And no, Lisa didn't pay me to say all that, LOL, I just love what she comes up with, and appreciate all her hard work. Totally worth it, you won't be sorry.

Lisa Marshall said...

Thanks Loretta! Actually, the newsletter is no longer a free one--that special ended, but it is still a deal. And with promo like that, yours will be free for life! Love you.

Vicki said...

More dtails on the new cookbook project? Good news indeed!