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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fried Chicken

Take 2. I am still trying to update my blog, but I seem to have managed to delete half of my last entry. Yesterday I wrote about two plain meals and how hard it is to get seen out there on the blogosphere. Today I loaded the new editor, tried to upload a new photo, had problems with my computer, and managed to lose half that blog...probably just as well, as I was just whining anyway! Thanks to those of you who commented with support. Those messages did make me feel better. Just don't stop commenting, you here?

I actually was just trying to add this photo. So I will put it here anyway. Some on Facebook had asked how I fried the chicken, so I will give you my method for this dinner. I know I have put some similar recipes in the newsletter, but I can't recall which one right now. I get hand me down computers from my kids, and I have Diner newsletters stored on three different machines. Real life again. The kids call my laptop "ghetto" if that explains anything.

Easy Fried Chicken Nuggets
(NOT a recipe just a method)

Chicken Breast, cut in chunks
mustard to coat
a sprinkle of paprika, salt and pepper
Coconut flour to coat

First I coat the chicken with mustard and sprinkle it with spices. Then stir in several tablespoons of coconut flour to coat. Fry in coconut oil.

Really that is all. I have a deep fryer, but these were just the skillet version. While I was frying them, hubby came home and dropped a double 18 pack of eggs in the floor. Needless to say, I made an extra large batch of pancakes last night too. And having an egg loving Schnoodle helped clean the egg goo from the floor. Yep, that is real life. But it was nice to have maple brown sugar coconut flour pancakes already to go for breakfast this morning!

Still working on the invisible thing. I'll let you know if I figure it out. Until then, be sure to send your friends over here. I do love company.


Cathy said...

Love, love, love your blog and your website!!! Keep up the good work!

Joan said...

Never thought about coconut flour for this, Thanks!

hydrate said...

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm sad to hear that you are feeling a little invisible :--) I look forward to your newsletters and always find something inspiring! Your Salsa Beef is my husband's favorite, hands down he will eat it until it's all gone, ON EVERYTHING! I appreciate that hard work you and other bloggers do so that others may succeed in their low carb lives!
A. Crafton

Unknown said...

where are the carb counts??????

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