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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sparkling Lemonade

It really truly is 108 degrees at my house today. It is really hard to like summer when the entire forecast for the next 8 days is filled with triple digit heat. I get really cranky when I am hot. This was my little treat for this afternoon. Cool and sugarfree, yet fancy and delicious. I used my Ninja blender to make 4 tall servings, 6 or 8 smaller ones (so you don't get the brain freeze)

Sparkling Lemonade

4 cups ice
1 packet unsweetened lemonade powder
4 tbsp erythritol or equivalent sweetener
water to bring the mixture up to the 4 cup line in the blender
12 ounces diet lemon lime soda (I avoid aspartame)

Add the ice to the blender. Sprinkle in the drink mix and sweetener. Add cold water to fill the blender up to the 4 cup mark. Process until slushy. Immediately pour in the diet soda. Stir with a spoon and serve.

I have a soda machine, so my diet sodas are sweetened with sucralose.* I am still working on making a syrup base with Zsweet or stevia, but I am not quite satisfied yet. You can use any lemon lime soda if you aren't avoiding aspartame. This is really extra lemony. If you like it with a little less WOW, it would be light and refreshing with club soda too. I, however, vote for the super lemon flavor!

I have been a devotee of lemon soda since my tour of Europe in high school. I spent the month there drinking lemon Schweppe's and  always wished I could get it here as easily. This is really similar and I love it! Besides this, we have been doing a lot of grilling to avoid heating the house. That and lots of salads like I featured in the July Newsletter. How are you staying cool?

* 2016 Update: I like this soda to make this drink. It is sweetened with erythritol and stevia.

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Jennifer [Click the 3 connected dots in the Blogpost to PIN or Share it] said...

Sounds hot over there. I'm in the tropics and it is very cool and rainy on the mountain right now. I had to close the windows where I am working. ;)

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