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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Among Friends Thursday--Creamy Mexican Tomato Soup

Not sure whose soup this one really is. In the Among Friends Cookbook, it is in Jennifer's section. She attributes the original version to her friend Debra Matchell. Jennifer offers a variation, and my version seems to be a combo of the two. The original recipes calls for two cans of Rotel tomatoes with green chilies. My dear one thinks those are too hot, so I anticipated trying Jennifer's version which uses regular diced tomatoes. Then when buying my groceries, I came across these Great Value Fire Roasted Tex Mex Style Diced Tomatoes. Although I haven't tried both of the other versions, I am betting this can is a perfect combination. Not as full of heat as Rotel, the fire roasting adds a nice flavor to this simple soup. In addition, this can has added jalapenos and Anaheim peppers, along with onion and garlic. Yum.

I also used some water and instant broth like Jennifer did. I have not used her recipe for thickening agent, and my xanthan gum seems to have gone missing in the kitchen. Sometimes that happens when the sons help put away the groceries... I used some glucomannan. I think you might be able to leave the thickener out all together.

This is very tasty. I do love the flavor of real cream contrasting with the slight heat and tang of the tomato. If only I had some low carb bread made up. This would be phenomenal with a grilled cheese sandwich made with pepperjack. Oh my. Good enough as it is though!

I had company over today--interviewing a perspective student. To make the house smell wonderful, I tried a new herbal recipe I have included in the Diner News. I scented the house with a mixture of lemon slices, vanilla and fresh rosemary. I heard that (and fresh bread) was a famous realtor trick to attract buyers. It did smell nice. The recipe is in this month's Diner News. That is coming out tonight, and it is all about herbs. This issue has recipes for herbs with meat, in condiments and salads. It even tells how to make your own homemade mint extract. If your pots are not filled with pretty June herbs, be sure to pick some up at the Farmers' Market. If you don't have a newsletter subscription, go here. If you want to try Jennifer's soup, it is on page 21. If you haven't purchased Among Friends yet, click on the photo on the right to order your copy of the best low carb cookbook out there.


Jennifer [To PIN/share a Post, Click the 3 dots or the Red SAVE Button] said...

Nice post. Thank you, Lisa. Your house must have smelled lovely. :)

Zaynab Sultan SaQib said...

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