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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Strawberry Iced Tea Time

I picked up this box of white tea a while back. It sounded good at the time, with essence of vanilla added in and the mild flavor of young tea leaves. For some reason, I put it on the back shelf and forgot it. I remembered it this morning. Do you do that? Come up with random thoughts and recall odd things while you are in that still drowsy state? I do, and this morning, this was that random thought. After I got up, this became my mission. Yes, it came even before the coffee.

Most assuredly, it is drop dead gorgeous! When I saw the red swirls drifting around in the jar, I knew it would be good. The scent was definitely sweet too. I added just a few drops of stevia to bring it to the perfect sweetness. I think this tea is made for ice. It is fresh tasting and fruity without being artificial. (though there is just a tad of artificial strawberry flavoring in there) In addition to the white tea, there are other flavors blended in--hibiscus, apple, rosehip, orange peel, blackberry leaves, strawberry fibers, elderberries, chamomile and vanilla.

Now the deal. I got 18 teabags for a buck at Big Lots. I honestly don't know if they still sell them or not. The brand is Diner's Choice. From what I can find, it is imported from Germany. You can buy variety packs of this brand packaged along with some Teekanne teas online. I think this will be a pleasure to use up this summer. To make it, I used my hot pot and added 4 bags per quart of hot water. This tea is too pretty to stick in my blue water bottle. It deserves a glass--or at least a nice jar!

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