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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Superfast Breakfast in a Mug Italiano

Life seems to be running in super fast motion lately. I feel like someone hit the fast forward button. It is all good, all exciting stuff, but finding time to create recipes has been a challenge--at least blog worthy recipes.

This morning's breakfast was the fastest hot breakfast you can ever make. Just about as fast as having your breakfast muffins already made. I highlighted this method recipe in the April Diner News. This variation has an Italian theme, and takes advantage of some prep ahead steps like most all my Diner recipes do. For Memorial Day, we grilled some brats, dogs and Italian sausages. Of course we made enough for leftovers. I love leftovers. There is always something new you can do with them. Like this. The Italiano Breakfast in a Mug. Be sure to say it with that accent and your family will like it even better.

Italiano Breakfast in a Mug

2 eggs
1 chicken Italian Sausage or 1/2 pork Italian Sausage, pre-cooked
1 small handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 tbsp of sun dried tomatoes

Break the eggs into a microwave safe mug. Beat them with a fork. Slice a cooked sausage and add it to the eggs. Throw in a handful of spinach leaves and a spoonful of sun dried tomatoes. Stir it all together and cook in the microwave for a minute. Check the eggs, and stir a bit if you like. Cook an additional 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes. (this go around, mine was done with a total of 1 1/2 minutes, but ovens may vary.)

Using the Sprouts brand, the Chicken Sausage version, with a whole sausage is 399 calories and 6 net carbs. Using a pork Italian sausage, a half sausage is 394 calories and 6 carbs.

The hubby loved this one. How easy is that? You could add some cheese if you want.

The mug is sitting on one of those projects that has been keeping me busy lately. I am in the midst of founding an alternative education program for teens. We will serve those with different learning styles who are just not a good fit in the standard classroom. So much has been going on with that! The hurdles are overcome, and most everything is falling into place, but so much work is yet to be done. I will be signing the contract this week for the 6000 square foot old house we will be leasing. It is a good deal, but we agreed to do a lot of the build out to save money. Life is about to get even busier as we learn how to refinish hardwood floors, and paint old metal cabinets and such. The house we are getting was built as an orphanage, and has been a women's halfway house for a few years. LOTS to be done! Oh yeah, that table I was explaining. I picked up a water damaged table at a garage sale for $7.50. We had some Oklahoma history books donated in bulk, so we took the pages from one and Mod Podged a new top. The kids can't help but learn a bit of history while they sit at this table. I can't wait to get back to teaching. I have missed it this year. This program is so special, and there are kids who really need a different academic structure to thrive. Now I just have to go find the students, and get the parents to let them enroll. Our team is taking a huge financial risk, but it is a calling for all of us. Similar programs have been successful,  so we are jumping in! As busy as we will be, I see more of these breakfasts in our future. Not even a skillet to wash!

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Natalie said...

LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing.

KatoWi said...

I travel for work sometimes and always arrange to stay in a hotel that has microwaves in their rooms. Then I go to the grocery store and buy some bacon and eggs and make my own breakfast every morning.

Now...I do this while traveling. Why didn't I think of doing this during the week when I'm running late?? Thanks for the slap upside the head!

Anonymous said...

do you spray the mug with pam before adding the eggs and cooking?