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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bread in a Tube

What an amazingly busy life I have lately. The first week of our new educational project is under our belts. We had a successful week, we just need to enroll some more students. My mentor told me they would come, but with so much at stake, it is hard to be patient!

Working full time, and needing to rely on taking my lunch everyday, I am adjusting my Diner schedule somewhat. Lunches are so important--especially when eating in a community room means staying away from the chips, cupcakes and such. I am tweaking my Diner system to accommodate meals for all of us to take to work all week. I think I have a pretty good plan in place, with a rotating weekly lunch menu. I am going to publish my ideas and recipes in this month's Diner News. It will be an issue you don't want to miss if you ever eat away from home. That will go out on September 1.

The bread in the photo is part of that plan. That is my Mr. Peanut Bread baked in a bread tube. I got this years ago from Pampered Chef. It worked beautifully. The bread did not stick at all. It came right out of the tube.I think these tubes have been discontinued, but you can still find them at thrift stores or on e-bay. These little slices are going to be great for finger sandwiches to pack in our lunch. I plan to freeze the bread a little while to make it slice thinly more easily. I couldn't resist cutting it while it was still hot. We are eating the first slices with a little sugarfree strawberry jam. Delish. I have some ideas for a Thai themed chicken salad that should be amazing too. I will let you know! ( I haven't made it yet) I plan to cut the bread into 16 slices. That will make 4 servings for John and I to enjoy. Today we are having strawberry jam, and I will add another cream cheese and jam sandwich later in the week.  Add to that a serving of the chicken salad and one with ham and honey mustard. That will give us some delicious finger food for lunches. Cute little star shaped sandwiches. Just be sure to store the bread in the fridge because it grows mold quickly.

I have lots of other fun little dishes to try out for lunches this week too. I am replacing the cooking I usually do for breakfast with some extras for lunch. I am experimenting with intermittent fasting 4 days a week. Jennifer Eloff, my wonderful editor from the Low Carbing Among Friends--introduced many of us to the idea. I am going with the plan of skipping breakfast and limiting the window of my meals.I have done that most of my life anyway, so this seemed natural to me. The hours between dinner and the next day's lunch equal my fast. I am not going into all the explanations, so if you want to read more, read Jennifer's posts or any number of articles out there.

In the mean time, we will have some great lunches for the work week. If you have any tricks to make brown bagging easier, but sure to send them to me for the newsletter. I love having ideas from my fellow Diners!


Retta said...

I'd never heard of a bread tube! I just ordered one from Amazon, in the flower shape. so cute! This will be fun to try. I'm looking forward to that newsletter.

Sounds like you are super busy. It's good to see that the Diner system is so adaptable.

Rose1957 said...

I've got a bread tube I have had for many many years now but mine doesn't have closed ends on it. I worry about my bread coming out the ends of it. I guess I could put some tin foil on the ends though.

Retta said...

My bread tube came yesterday! I can't wait to try your Almond Butter Bread recipe in it.

I also got my copy of your Volume 2 of Low Carbing Among Friends... thank you!

I already made Ginny's Chili-Con-Corny, which turned out great. Now I want to try your Coconut and Olive Oil Mayo. I appreciate the tip about extending freshness by adding the whey!

Dawn said...

I love that you are looking for ways to brown bag low carb :). I preare lunch for myself and my husband and you can only pack pot roast and meatloaf for them so many times ;). I've branched out to salads and I'm always trying new recipes :) SO happy to have stumbled upon your blog! :)
Happy baking! :D ~Dawn

Metqa said...

I.LOVE.YOU! You cannot realize the RELIEF you have just given me. I have a set of three of those bread tube but I have -100% success with wheat flour based breads of any type. So to first find your peanut bread loaf and THEN to find that you use it in the bread tubes just makes my super-duper DAY! I though I'd have to give away my cute tubes like I just gave away my bread machine, but I get to keep my tubes and impress everyone with low carb bread that tastes as good as it looks. I.LOVE.YOU! I'm going to experiment and hopefully have something that is passable for Holiday Snacks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Metqa said...

Okay, a Question. How much of the Mr.Peanut Butter bread Batter do you use in the loaf tube? I imagine it has to have room to expand but I don't know how much.