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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skinny Dippers Review

Will summer ever end? We had a short visit from normal temperatures, but now it is back over 100. That sends me looking to the freezer. My boys were always fans of the frozen Pop Ice style treats. I liked them because they were less messy than the popsicles on a stick. The ones I tried to make from scratch were always too hard. This is one treat that is hard to make at home.

Then add the complications of trying to make one that is not full of sugar! I recently bought a box of Snapple ice pops for my newlyweds. I took one little bite. It was good, but then I felt guilty and deprived. That works out to be the same time this neat company sent me a couple of sample boxes of their product to review. I was really excited to find these packages in my mail.

Let me introduce you to the Skinny Dippers--ice pops for those of us who watch our carbs. Zero calorie and made with erythritol and Splenda. The label shows 3 carbs, but that will be from the sugar alcohol.  I don't count erythritol, personally. I kinda thought of this "Frosty Lemon Dessert" as they call it more like a popsicle for grownups. Flavors like lemon and tangerine. Sounds great!

I really do like the lemon ones. I have loved everything lemon for so long! They have a nice strong flavor. But it is the texture I loved  most. Not too hard. No breaking a tooth. I think they are perfect to grab when you just get home from the hot traffic. Well, grab some water first, then collapse under the fan with one of these.

Given that the weather is going to turn sometime soon, I still think it would be nice to have a box of these waiting to hold off that urge to snack an hour before bed. They feel like you are getting more than a drink, but the calorie content will be 0. Woohoo.

They also sent the Tangerine flavor. I was not as crazy about that flavor, but that just may be me. I had to take a lot of St. Joseph's aspirin tablets as a child.  They were orange flavored, and since then, that has never held an appeal for me. Pearson thought they were just as good, so it must be me.The flavors are not truly natural tasting. They are a bit like a flavoring, but then, that is what we would anticipate from a ZERO calorie treat. Tough as it is , we cannot have it all. Some can lose weight on low carb alone, but most of us older gals who have been down this road before have to count calories too. Fact of life.

The only problem I have with these is the price. It would be hard for me to shell out a dollar a piece. I am a known cheapskate, though. Diet food always does cost more. Since I have never been able to duplicate the mouthfeel, these just may be worth the price. If you have the budget, they can be ordered

And no, I did not get paid for this, just a couple boxes of cold treats. Thank you Skinny Dippers. When the Appetite Control Smoothie Mix is on the market, I would like to try that too. Sweetened with Truvia sounds like a good start.


Jo said...

I have found adding glucomannan powder to the liquid till it gets to be a little gloppy results in a softer ice-pop.. plus bonus fiber! You do need to add more flavor (I just use powdered Crystal light, or similar..)

Jill said...

just found your blog and i am super glad!

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