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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Love your kitchen appliances!

I love my small appliances. They make my time in the kitchen more efficient and more fun. This month, I am featuring recipes that take advantage of these great accessories.  I find that I am using my electric pressure cooker/multi cooker several times a week. I love that it can be used for fast cooking or for all my favorite crock pot recipes. With a keep warm function and a delayed start button, it does more than my slow cookers. Many models are well over a hundred dollars. Worth it, but the model I purchased is just around $83. Check it out!

I also love my fun little cake pop maker. I use it for both sweet and savory treats. It is fast and fun. Great non stick, unlike my traditional pans. I also use my doughnut maker and waffle stick maker often. If you don't have these, check out my Amazon store. Every little bit I earn helps out, especially since my hubby is still unemployed.

Every cook loves a good blender. I just got a new, more powerful blender. I have recipes for nut butters, but it is also great for specialty drinks, batters and soups.

Microwaves are workhorses than can do so much more than reheat your coffee or warm up leftovers. We low carbers love the endless variations of Minute Muffins and Mug cakes. I also have some savory ideas for the microwave.

Here is a peek of what is in this month's Diner News:

Chicken Cacciatore in the Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Feta Cheese Poppers

Strawberry Cake Bites

No Tell Rotel Soup

Parmesan  Chicken Pops with Marinara

Healthy Hazelnut Frozen Coffee

Broccoli Cloud Soup

Jack's Spicy Cheese Puppies

Home made Sunbutter

Pizza in a Bowl

Sunbutter Cinnamon Muffins

Pork Lorenzo

These are really great recipes, and this month's Diner News has even more inside. 8 full pages, delivered to your email every month for just $6 a year. What a deal.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa - would you mind sharing what type of blender you bought? I would love a Vitamix to really grind stuff up - but just can't afford that price tag, even the refurbished ones. Would love to know if you found a good workhorse for a great price. Thanks! T2Nashville

Lisa Marshall said...

My hubby bought me the premium model from Aldi. It has a strong motor, and does many of the things higher end blenders do. So far I like it,but I haven't had it long. I liked my Ninja too. Wore it out after a few years. said...

Everything looks so tasty! I want to try that pizza in a bowl. Those Parmesan Chicken Pops with Marinara look so delicious, too!

Unknown said...

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