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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chipotle Chicken and Caulirice

Mexican night at our house. I had some Chipotle Chicken in the freezer. That makes a really quick entree. Because that is so easy, I made a variety of sides. Christian, got his carbs as nachos. John had a quesadilla made with a Joseph's Lavash bread. No cheese for me tonight, so I had the Caulirice and a bit of salad.

The Caulirice was a bit different than usual. I steamed fresh cauliflower, then used my Pampered Chef Mix and Chop to dice it up finely. (that gadget is featured in this month's newsletter) That way, I could chop it right in the pan, and not mess up a food processor. Less to wash is always good...especially when I need to get dinner cleaned up before Lost starts. I then sauteed the cauliflower with a roma tomato and some chopped fresh cilantro. Real butter made the flavor incredible. Because the meat was highly spiced, I wanted the Caulirice to be more subtle than usual, when I often stir in salsa. It was really good with the buttery flavor coming through. Christian is an avowed Caulirice hater, so I didn't get a thumbs up from him. Oh well, it is hard to please everyone! John and I both liked it though. Even better with a dollop of sour cream.


Joan said...

This looks so good. I am doing HCG right now, can't wait till P3 so I can eat these recipes again!!!

Lisa Marshall said...

Oh, all the things you can do with a cauliflower! Try it when you get to p3. Really yummy with butter.

whey protein isolate said...
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Joan said...

I will try it is P3. I have to do jury duty as soon as I start P3, your cookbook is going to be a lifesaver!!!!!