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Monday, March 29, 2010

Steak, no Ale

My husband loves steak. He will eat it any time the occasion or budget allows. We don't dine out often, so he doesn't get steak too often. Tonight is an exception. We are in the process of buying a new grill, so I made this inside. Surprisingly, they are quite good. I probably have Aldi's to thank for that. The steaks came from the freezer section. Yes, I know true steak lovers would balk at that, but the price was right. I also picked up a combo pack of seasoning rubs. Tonight's spice rub was Hickory flavored. Very good stuff. To prepare, I let the rub soak in for half an hour before cooking. Then I heated up my cast iron skillet until it smoked. I added the meat, searing both sides. Then I lowered the heat and cooked them through. (Or to your stage of desired doneness)

For a side, I made some steamed cabbage topped with butter and bacon bits. Not quite a baked potato, but John returned an empty plate! After all, who can resist real butter and bacon?

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