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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fire the Grill for March Madness

We were expecting my biggest boy and his girlfriend for dinner tonight. But, since the John Brown University Golden Eagles are playing in the semi finals of the NAIA, our students headed off to Kansas City to support their team. That's OK. We grilled out anyway. Remember that we found a superb deal at last week's meat sale? They had 8 ounce ground steak patties for a dollar a pound. Really. They are quite good too. So glad we don't have to limit the meat in our diet--half a pound of beef each!. When you do the research, you really do find out what a bunch of bull we have been taught concerning cholesterol, fats and meats in general. But there are plenty of sites which can explain all that. I just here to tell the "convinced" how to cook and leave the rest to the nutrition gurus.

For our steaks, we relied on some nice smoke flavoring from the woodchips John threw on the charcoal. That and a bit of barbecue sauce. Sugar free of course. For sides, I whipped up a nice Nana's Coleslaw with a Kick. That is the perfect compliment (in the e-book). Add a few of the sweetest grape tomatoes ever, and we had a restaurant quality meal. Too bad the kiddos missed it. I might have saved the meal for a day when the boy manages to come home, but we have complications. He is not leaving until his Golden Eagles win it all--or fail to win, but I won't even entertain that idea. Our weather is not cooperating for a nice spring break either. Our beautiful sunny skies and 70s we had today are going to turn into 8 inches of snow tomorrow. No fun at all...especially if you planned a cookout! Hope my other college kiddo is finding better weather in Dallas this week.


The Babe said...

Just curious...what is your favorite low/no sugar bbq sauce? I'm having a hard time finding one...


Lisa Marshall said...

Yes, that seems to be a problem these days. I have always bought KC Masterpiece Classic Blend which is labeled as Low Calorie. It is awesome. My grocery store still has it in stock--even after I just bought ten bottles. But, I hear from all sorts of people in the know that it has been discontinued. Other than that, all I know is to make my own. Linda has a pretty good recipe (see the links on the blog), but not as good as KC Masterpiece in my opinion. I also have a chipotle sauce that I really like, but it does have sugar alcohols which I avoid when possible. That recipe is on the blog too. I am still in search of the perfect sauce. Let me know if you find it. I think I might need slow cooking, and I haven't committed to that experiment yet.