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Monday, March 8, 2010

Skillet Tricks and Tacos

I have my grandma's old cast iron skillet. I use it often, but sometimes eggs stick. I could never figure out why, when old cast iron is supposed to be nearly as good as a non stick finish. Yes, I had seasoned. Nope, no soaps. So what was the problem? I snooped around online today and found my solution. Armed with new knowledge, I made an egg and cheese base for Mexican Minute Beef for the hubby. It worked great.

I found the secret is not only to keep the skillet oiled, but also to do a couple of little tricks before cooking. Start with a nice, smooth surface. Scrape it with a metal spatula if needed. I read that just a touch of bacon fat is superior to build up the layers of grease needed to keep foods from sticking. I didn't have any of that, so I just used oil. I will try bacon fat next time. The next step is to heat the skillet well before adding food. I waited until a little smoke was evident. Then, if you plan on using salt and pepper, sprinkle those into the empty skillet. They help the non stick quality. I poured in 2 beaten eggs mixed with 1/3 cup of cheese. Wow. It worked--no sticking. I was able to pick up the whole mixture with the spatula! Amazing considering the cheese was all melty too.

Once that was plated, I added seasoned meat and a bit more cheese. Salsa would be good too. I made a tomato, onion and cilantro salad. The boy got regular crispy taco shells for his dinner. He stays away from eggs.

Because I have the Mexican Minute Beef already crumbled and cooked, this meal goes together in no time!


Anne H said...

Makes me hungry just reading about it!

Retta said...


I have 3 older cast iron skillets, in 3 sizes. I've babied them for almost 30 years. I almost murdered hubby a few years ago for washing one in soap!!! Grrrrrrr.

Anyway, I've done all the regular stuff to season them but still had the egg-sticking problem. I'm going to definitely try your system. Today! :-)


Lisa Marshall said...


I also learned you can sell old cast iron on ebay for fifty bucks! Can't remember the brand though.