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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strawberry Real Fruit Slush

I love strawberry real fruit slushes at Sonic, but they are loaded with sugar. This is made at home with my Ninja Master Food Prep machine. Even better. This is perfect for warm weather treats. Plus, it is easy to do with frozen berries.

Don't worry the photo is out of whack. That is a fun glass I picked up at the thrift store for my oldest boy's apartment. We found some great work apparel for him, and these fun tilted glasses. They definitely fit his sense of humor and he let me borrow one for the picture.

Strawberry Real Fruit Slush

6 frozen strawberries
2 ice cubes
1 packet of lemon flavored Splenda water flavoring
sweetener to taste
about 1/2 cup water

Put everything except water in the blender. Pulse a few times. Add water a little at at time to desired consistency. Adjust sweetener to taste, and serve.

This tastes just as yummy as my favorite lemon berry slush, and I don't get chunks of berry stuck in the straw!

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Wisconsingal said...

This is my all time favorite. Thanks