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Friday, April 8, 2011

Burger Buffet with Mr. Peanut Mini Buns

The Diner e-book explains all about making a burger buffet night. That is what we did tonight. I had three different burgers. Small in size but big gourmet flavor. One was blue cheese and grilled onions, one was hickory sauce,pickles, bacon and cheese, another was Pepper Jack cheese and a smidge of habanero sauce. All completely different. And all the family got to choose what they wanted--even our guest who prefers chicken! We low carbers had ours on Mr.Peanut bread muffins, I got three slices from each muffin. The carbivores had dinner rolls with their sliders. Now if I can get someone else to put away all those bottles of condiments, the cook will retire to more Friday night fun!


Retta said...

I made my first peanut bread today... score!

I toasted a slice, and gave it to hubby with a little butter, just to see his reaction. He liked it, and thought it was "a new kind of bread". :-)

Gotta try it next in muffin shape, for little burgers. Thanks!

Jennifer [Click the 3 connected dots in the Blogpost to PIN or Share it] said...

Aaw, those cute burgers! Very clever!

Retta said...

I forgot to tell you I added Caraway seeds to a batch of peanut bread, and it reminded me of caraway rye bread. :-)

Unknown said...

How do you get your bread glossy like that, I love the flavor but mine are crumbly and definitely not look like yours?