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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mr. Peanut Bread Goes Artisan

This is just too versatile. Not only do you not need special flours or odd ingredients, for this bread, you don't even need a special pan. I made a batch of Mr. Peanut Bread, then spread the batter out on a non stick pan. I sprayed a spoon with some cooking spray to smooth the top of the sticky batter. They bake up in about ten minutes--I think. To be honest I was running around getting breakfast at the same time and forgot to set a timer. Just watch and you will be able to tell.

For John's lunch, I made him a mixed deli special, with bologna and turkey. I know processed meats aren't that good, so we have them only on occasion. He was on old "bolognavore" in his bachelor days. A treat now and then will keep him happy. After the weekend we had, I had no time for my prep day.

Prom went well, and I stuck to my chicken salad rather than eating the Chicken Kiev, cheese ravioli, lasagna rolls, cheesecake, sopapillas and rolls. Yeah me. Here is my cute prom couple.

Then yesterday, we got invited to an impromptu birthday party at a pizza and game place. We behaved ourselves again, and took advantage of a great salad bar. I even robbed the taco bar for some taco meat and sour cream. Made for a nice taco salad. I have to admit, too, that I did strip a few pieces of pizza of their toppings. Yum. We ate enough that we didn't even need dinner last night. Good thing, since I had plenty of school activities to catch up on. Now on to graduation!


Anonymous said...

Awww! They look so darn cute! I meant the prom couple, but the artisan Mr. Peanuts are pretty adorable, too!

I made the Mr. Peanut loaf and it was a huge hit with the husband and I. I gave a nibble to a coworker who is low carbing and she was waaay impressed. I'm gonna give this artisan twist a go...I'll let you know how it tuens out! Di

Kahri said...

Still haven't tried the bread....will do soon! Prom was awesome! :-)

Jennifer [To PIN/share a Post, Click the 3 dots or the Red SAVE Button] said...

Adorable couple! Nice recipes you have again lately! Yummy!

agilemind said...

What kind of pan did you use? The bun looks so nice and round that it looks like a muffin top pan. Looking forward to trying thi.

Unknown said...

Did I miss the recipe on this page for the 'Mr. Peanut Bread Goes Artisan' buns? Really would love to have the recipe and what pan to use.... Thank you!

Lisa Marshall said...

Here ya go.

The small loaf pans are better. In a standard pan, the slices will be like half slices, using 4 for a full size sandwich. I never need that much though. 2 slices are filling.

Anonymous said...

How about Mr Peanut Butter pancakes? Any thoughts?