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Monday, August 1, 2011

Crockpot Cheesecake

The newsletter is out with lots of great crockpot ideas. This is one of them. I saw the original idea over at A Year of Slowcooking blog. I tried it--with a few low carb substitutions--and we liked it. It is really about the same amount of work as a regular oven baked cheesecake, but the method is interesting. It would be helpful at times when the oven is full. In addition, I must admit this is the only cheesecake I have ever managed that had absolutely no crack. Woohoo. The only problem being that my cheesecake pan will not fit into my crockpot, so the cheesecake is stuck inside a cakepan. Not the prettiest presentation. I may just have to find a small springform pan that fits inside my crock. This is a smaller cheesecake than I usually make, but that means it is better for everyday eating. No one needs all the calories that are in my 5 bricks of cream cheese New York Style dessert. So this is good. It will even be very pretty once I find a small springform pan. I am thinking tomorrow's servings will have some blueberries. My goal is to get some better photos then. For now, this will do. The cheesecake was not ready to cut in time to be included in the newsletter, so if you were wondering, here it is.

The crockpot bakes the cheesecake in a waterbath, and I guess the smaller cooking space regulates the heat to prevent the cracks. Just be sure to observe the cooling procedures. Also, mine is in an older crockpot that seems to cook on a lower temperature than newer models, so mine took a little more than 3 hours to be done. Just test it with a finger poke in the center. I think I made mine a little more firm than Stephanie did on the original recipe, but we like a firm New York Style.

Just a note on sweeteners. I developed my version of this recipe to use ZSweet. The nut crust uses granulated, and the cheesecake filling takes advantage of their wonderful powdered version. Unlike Ideal, ZSweet does not add starches to make the powdered version. The texture really does prevent the gritty sweetener problem we get with straight erythritol. I love this stuff for that reason....just take care in adding it to the mix. That powder does fly! I stirred it in by hand before using the mixer. Problem solved.  I also love  the fact that they have added in stevia to balance the tastes. I used to have to do that myself. Now I can confidently use only one sweetener.

Now all this, and you may say, give me the recipe. It is in the newsletter. If you are a Diner subscriber, you have it. Now aren't you glad you are--or don't ya wish you were? It is never too late! We have another car in the shop again, and I'm guessing I would only need to sell about 100 newsletter subscriptions to get it fixed. Hint. Hint. I do have some exciting projects in the works at my little Diner, but time will tell on those. Until then, we are living lean. Well, I did use a little of my Diner earnings to buy a Babycakes Cupcake baker. Walmart has them on clearance for just $15 online. I can't wait to try it out. Cupcakes, muffins and low carb pies are in the future. Having given up turning on my leaky oven during the heatwave, it has been a long time since we have had any baked goods around here. Since the heatwave shows no signs of imminent demise, I must prepare for temperatures in the hundreds plus teens. I think my oven is becoming kitchen storage for August. I will dream tonight of miniature pumpkin pies, complete with coconut flour crust, baking in my new red little cupcake machine. Can' wait for fall. Until then, this cool and creamy cheesecake is summertime dessert heaven.


Rischa said...

Mmm!! This is the one that got me to sign up to the newsletter! I can't wait to see how to make it and give it a try!

Tricia said...

You said the cheesecake is stuck in a pan . . . I never use springform pans and neither does my mother who made the most amazing cheesecake wedding cake for me (a la Martha Stewart - 3 level square cake topped with sugared queen anne cherries and sided with strips of white chocolate . . . tasted as good as it looked, but I digress) You line your pan with parchment paper then you can just pop the whole thing out of the pan and it doesn't stick at all either.

Lisa Marshall said...

I guess that would work. I did put a liner in the base.I usually use a springform pan and remove the outer rim,leaving it on the base. I just pictured this one upside down with the nuts on top. Wonder why I never considered just turning it over? I must be losing brain power in this heat!

Jennifer [To PIN/share a Post, Click the 3 dots or the Red SAVE Button] said...

Wow Tricia that sounded like an unusual wedding cake. Your mom sounds talented and sweet.

Lisa, never heard of cheesecake done in a crock pot but if one was going to be made in crock pot, I think you would have invented that - with no less than 3 crock pots to your name! (wink)

Lisa Marshall said...

Yup Jen, and I would like a new one. I have had to use my main one so much, the glaze is worn off and it is really hard to clean. Still works though, so I can't get rid of it. And actually I have 4. One I use solely for wax though. I am a crafter too.