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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Portabella Pizza

Pizza love. I can't get past it. Using portabella mushroom caps instead of crust makes them easy peasy. Not that these are my idea--I am just a fan. I have some mushroom haters living at my house, so they didn't get one of these beauties. Too bad for them.

Clean mushroom caps and remove stem if there is one. Some people also remove the gills. I didn't. Some people prebake them a  bit, some don't. If you do, spritz or brush with a little olive oil and bake gill side down for 5 minutes. This may release some unwanted moisture. Next add toppings of choice. I did not pre-bake and still loved it. YMMV. The average cap has about 3 net carbs, so I would guess my pizzas have about 5 net carbs each.

Just a few little hints, since these practically make themselves. Of course, you can customize them with any toppings you want.

Hint 1:  If you like softer onions and peppers, saute them separately in a skillet before filling the cap.
Hint 2: Save time by using pre-cooked toppings like my Minute Beef or Minute Sausage. If you froze the packages flat, it is easy to break off just enough meat crumbles to top a mushroom or two.
Hint 3: Since these are best eaten with a fork, not the fingers, use the mini pepperonis to avoid the inevitable top slide when you try to cut a large pepperoni. You may wish to forgo the preservatives in pepperoni, but that is not one of the foods I am willing to give up for life!
Hint 4: Use a toaster oven to save energy. Small food, small oven. Can't do that with the standard pizza!
Hint 4 1/2: If you do use the toaster oven, be sure to place mushrooms on a pan with a rim. They can release a little moisture and make a mess in the bottom of the oven.

We are still trying to avoid the heat here, so dinner is AGAIN in the crockpot. It is usually a skillet meal, but not today. Yesterday it was 113 here. My air cannot keep up and it is over 90 in my house even with the unit running all the time. I am so cranky when I sweat. And lazy too.

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They Call Me Hypo said...

I love this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Marshall said...

Thanks for the comment, Hypo. Let me know if you try it.

The Florida Furkids said...

I made these Monday night and they were great. Next time I'll cook the mushroom a bit to get some of the liquid out. I did cook the peppers and onions ahead of time. YUMMY!

Unknown said...

The hubby made these and they are delicious! Next time he is making them on the grill...

Unknown said...

The hubby made these and they are delicious! Next time he is making them on the grill...