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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Storm Damage Update and Newsletter Challenge

The adjuster finally made it out today. The good news is that which we were covered. The bad news is--the amount of work that needs to be done and the speed--or lack thereof--of the integral workings of the insurance and contract labor professions. It may be a couple of weeks before we see any money or further authorizations for work. In the mean time, we live without flooring in half the kitchen, and much of the living room. The gameroom had the pad yanked out from under the carpet and all the furnishings and books cast in piles on one side of the room. Too hot to deal with that now. That is not too bad, since we avoid that room in the summer time anyway.

I don't have ceilings most of my kitchen and half of my living room. That is a pain because these rooms dump dust and insulation on us, and stay incredibly hot. We tacked a giant sheet of plastic up as make shift ceilings, so it is just lovely to look at. I will get new paint and wallpaper. Now to find wallpaper. I think hardly anyone uses it anymore,but I loved the scrubable vinyl I had. My bedroom is getting new carpet since they had to rip it away from the doorway. I am really happy about that one! A couple of bathrooms are getting new paint jobs, at least on the ceiling. The gameroom gets new walls and ceilings too. Can you imagine the number of workers that are going to take over my home soon? Even better, nothing can be done inside until the roof is repaired. Well, maybe the fence, but we don't have any money for that one yet.

I am worried about the newsletter for September. I just don't have the ability to get in the kitchen and try out a lot of new recipes. I may have to get creative. I may borrow  my mom's house to get some cooking done. In the mean time, if you wonderful Diners have any ideas... it would be really fun to feature a theme-- kind of like the "Chef's Special" where I could publish favorite recipes sent in from the readers of the blog and facebook fans. What do you think? If you have a favorite recipe to share, send it to me. I will add my email link to make it easier to find me.

If you aren't already a subscriber to the Diner Newsletter, it would be a great chance to check it out, as I will give every contributor a 6 month subscription, or additional months on a current subscription. Remember, I am still looking for guest bloggers too. I have one promise from a low carb guru you will all be thrilled to hear from! Be watching.


Jo Ann said...

I hate that you're having to go through all this aggravation! And you'll be having to try to educate your children too, won't you? Prayers for your sanity!

Lisa Marshall said...

Actually Jo Ann, I graduated my youngest son in May, so I am out of the schooling business for now. None of my school supplies were damaged. Good thing since I haven't gotten around to selling them yet. Thanks, though, we still covet your prayers.

Joan said...

Lisa, I think about you so often...miss you. You have my prayers always. I hope your repairs go fast and quick! I will think about recipes.