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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Among Friends Thursday -Carolyn's No Bake Peanut Butter Bars

Wow. Did Carolyn ever give these the wrong name. I think more along the lines of "Hide Them From the Kids Bars" or maybe even "Slap Me If I Try to Eat More Bars." Delicious doesn't do them justice. Add rich in there too. Carolyn unassumingly says, "If you like peanut butter cups, you will love these. They are remarkably easy to make and don't require baking." Like the no bake part is the selling point? That is like dressing Marilyn Monroe in a flour sack. Come on, these are delish--who cares how easy they are to make? That is just a bonus.

 The recipe calls for peanut flour. I finished off a package of that, and added the rest as PB2. I think either would work fine, mine just happened to be half and half. My flour was from Trader Joes. Last time I checked that was no longer available, but I think Netrition has some of a different brand.

Now, be prepared. You need to obey Carolyn's serving size. Just because they taste great, you must be ready to control yourself. Cut a bar, wrap the others and hide them. Don't leave them on the kitchen counter. Everytime you pass by you might cut off another sliver. Think like real peanut butter cup candies. Two small ones are actually more than enough. One square here should do. 16 servings mean you get away with 184 calories and only 2 carbs. If you eat more, those calories are gonna add up fast. Remember in our way of eating, even though these are low carb, they are still a treat. Go eat some greens, then promise yourself a dessert of a No Bake Peanut Butter Bar. If you are ready to make them, then resist them, then go to page 199 of Low Carbing Among Friends. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Chatty Crone said...

Those look like Heaven on earth.

Retta said...

I made these, and put them into little silicone candy cups, like the reese's cups. They ARE very rich, and I keep them IN. THE. FREEZER!

While the taste was rich and delicious, my filling was a little grainy. Don't know what I did wrong. Was yours smooth??

Lisa Marshall said...

Loretta, it probably depends on either the erythritol or the protein powder. Erythritol can recrystallize. I have noticed that in chocolate before. Mine were very smooth except for an occasional piece of what I think is protein powder that formed a small hard piece. We didn't find any tiny chunks until like the 5th piece. Freezer is a good idea.

Retta said...

Thanks, Lisa.
Since they are my husband's current favorite (which keeps him from buying the chemical filled sugar free reese cups) I think I'll try them next with something other than the erythritol, or maybe a combo. Thanks!

boaz's ruth said...

am I missing something? I don't see the recipe or a link for it?