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Monday, April 2, 2012

Tamari Eggs

If you have any kiddos around, you know what is coming. A week of every hard boiled egg recipe you know. Since the Diner News for April just happens to be devoted to the humble egg, I thought you might be interested in a sampling from the newsletter. After all, you will have eggs. Even if you don't color them, eggs will be bargains this week.

Now I am not exactly a hard boiled egg expert. Eggs sometimes upset my tummy, so I seldom eat hard boiled eggs. These did not! Yeah! I seem to run into more trouble when I combine eggs with veggies. Hmm. I have eaten a lot of eggs while testing recipes the last couple of weeks. I really do think that is the combo of veggies that ends up uncomfortable for me. Any of you nutrition experts know what's up with that?

I love Tamari on about anything, so when I saw a picture of these beautiful mahogany colored eggs on Pinterest, I pinned them. Then I tried them. Despite soaking mine an extra long time, they never turned that color. Sad, I know. But they do taste really good. So, still a winner. I must not have a high enough grade of Tamari. Still, flavor is more important, and these rock. Great for lunch boxes or high protein snacking.

Just be as careful as possible when peeling them. Little knicks make them look more speckled. I tried the recipe for baking eggs in the oven instead of hard boiling. Yah that does work too. But they were a little harder to peel, and some of mine ended up a little flat on one end.  Did you know you can also use a pressure cooker to hard boil eggs too? Go figure. It is not just boiled anymore. I cannot testify to the pressure cooker version, as my gasket needs replacing. Gotta get to that soon.

Tamari Eggs

Hard boil 4-6 eggs. Peel the shells as carefully as possible to prevent tearing. Heat 1/4 cup soy sauce or Tamari in a small pan. Add the eggs and turn off heat. Let the eggs soak in the hot soy sauce for at least 30 minutes, turning the eggs every few minutes to make sure the whole surface is coated. For a darker color, transfer the eggs and sauce to a storage bag and chill for 2-6 hours longer in the refrigerator.

I think the longer you soak the eggs in the Tamari, the more the sauce gets distributed through the white. All in all, these eggs may not have turned out to be real lookers, but the taste is unusual and worth a try. You are going to have hard boiled eggs anyway, right? We are expecting all the boys to be home for the Easter weekend.  I just got of photo of my soon to be daughter-in-law in the wedding dress she chose. Such a special time! Still a year until the wedding, but fun none the less.

By the way, thanks for the prayers for Emily. She is doing well, and we believe this will be the end of her pain.

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