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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Among Friends Thursday--Kent's Chicken Kabobs

If you are one of the Diner News fans, you know this month's issue is devoted to food on sticks. Everything is better eaten off a stick! This is another fun meal--not from the Diner News, but from the Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook. Kent's recipe is quick to put together and the marinade tastes great. Just the right Asian flair, but not enough to send my Chinese food haters running. He adds bacon, but I didn't have any on hand, so I left it out. Same with the onion. My mom brought over the first bell pepper of the season and I wanted it to be the star. I am sure Kent's original version is amazing, because my simpler style is very, very good too. I did drizzle a little more Tamari sauce over my kabobs. I love the flavor and I know it is gluten free.

Kabobs are especially tasty when the meat has marinated. In fact, for smaller families, it is even smart to prep them as Freezer Favorites. I like to slice a big package of chicken breast all at once. Well, I can't say I like it because I actually have this whole texture thing with handling raw meat. But I do it, and once I get past the aversion, I prefer to do quite a bit at a time. It sure saves on clean up and sterilizing after handling raw poultry. To make Freezer Favorites, cut the chicken into kabob sized chunks. Place enough chicken for one person or enough for a family meal into freezer bags. Make up a batch of marinade, then divide it among the bags. Squish them around a bit. Freeze them flat, not in a blob. This is important for the next step. For single servings, I use sandwich bags, then place all the sandwich bags into a sturdier freezer bag. Then I can pull out enough for one or all of us. The George grill does a fine job for a quick meal for one. Just a zap the chicken in the microwave to thaw it a tad. If you froze it in a flat layer, this is no problem at all. If not, then you will have a blob of partially cooked, partially hard frozen chicken. Not good.  Thread the chunks on the skewer, add some vegetable buddies and grill!

Want Kent's recipe? It is on page 302 of Low Carbing Among Friends I. Order the book  if you don't already have it. Next time, I will add the bacon too.

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