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Thursday, March 25, 2010

E.Z. Chicken Alfredo

On cabbage of course. Steamed cabbage makes a fine substitute for the dreaded pasta. John raves and raves over this. This is not my usual version, which is extra decadent and full of fats. This is the weeknight version, meant for busy people.

The sauce is a jar of prepared Alfredo sauce. Mine has 4 carbs per serving. To that, I add some extra garlic. We love our garlic and don't seem to mind bad breath. I also add cream cheese. This amount is optional. I added about 4 ounces tonight, but I have been known to use a full 8 ounces with a little sherry to thin it out a bit. The way I do this is to brown the chicken breast in the skillet with a bit of butter and extra garlic--fresh, bottled or ground. When it is done, I dice the chicken and stir in the chunks of cream cheese until it is melted and coats the chicken. Then I add the sauce. Voila. If you are smart enough to be steaming finely shredded cabbage while the chicken was cooking, you are done. Just plate and serve to a very happy family.

To make this even quicker, use precooked Chicken Chunks and add the garlic to the sauce rather than the chicken. You could even cook it in the microwave that way if you needed to. I do like the little browned chunks in the sauce you get with skillets, though.

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