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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Bento

So, these may not exactly be Christmas foods, but I did get a really cute Christmas napkin set for my pencil box bento lunch. Aren't the smiling Christmas lights fun? Besides being washable and reusable, homemade fabric napkins make me smile. I picked out this fabric, but my mom sewed it up for me. Thanks, mom. Yes, I am still spoiled... even in my forties!

The lunch was simple, but tasty. I used Joseph's Lavash bread to make ham and cheese spiral sandwiches. I added some green onions and purple cauliflower as sides. Purple cauliflower tastes just like the white, but it is so much more fun. I added a cup of blue cheese dressing as a dip. A small skewer of olives, and lunch was ready. Fast and fun like a good holiday lunch should be.


Emily said...

I'm an avid low carber and just found your site. Love the idea of low carb bento's!

Lisa Marshall said...

Welcome Emily! I love making bento lunches too. They really rev up the variety.