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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Cozy Cup of Christmas Cheer- Eggnog for One

The holidays are in full swing around here. The week of Thanksgiving is a wild ride. My birthday fell right after Thanksgiving this year. Combine that with my boys being home, shopping specials and an ornament exchange party, and I am pooped. Yesterday, I got the newsletter sent out, and was in a mad rush to finish up several of those recipes. No time to decorate yet, and not much blogging. We did still eat, but nothing photo worthy--leftovers and lots of Multiply Meals from the freezer. Thankful to have those, but now I need to get back on schedule as the freezer is looking rather bare.

Since I have been absent, I am going to tell you today about another holiday drink I made up to feature in the newsletter. I love specialty drinks this time of year. They easily take the place of more fattening desserts or snacks. We even have light snow in the forecast for today. It already sounds good to make a hot drink and curl up under a blanket. I hope it does snow, maybe I will be inspired to get the house all decorated for Christmas. At the very least, I will get all our Christmas mugs down from the tops of the cabinet so we can enjoy one of the Cozy Cups of Cheer.

The first recipe is for an individual egg nog flavored drink. Even though I do have a recipe for a real eggnog--cooked variety--this is a mock version, just enough for one. That is fine if you happen to be the only one in the family who likes eggnog.

Egg Nog for One

3/4 cup water
1/4 cup cream
2 teaspoons Instant Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding mix
1/2 teaspoon rum flavoring
A generous sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice
Sweetener to taste
Whipped cream for topping

Stir cream and water into a mug. Add in pudding mix and stir well. Let thicken a bit for a few minutes. Add remaining ingredients, sweetening to taste with sugar substitute. Heat in microwave until hot, or chill to serve cold.

Hot, this is similar to a hot buttered rum. Cold, it is a more traditional nog. It is cold and wet here today, so I am opting for hot!


Beth said...

This week I got the idea to make egg nog from unsweetened vanilla almond milk (Almond Breeze brand) and DaVinci sugarfree Egg Nog syrup. I just mix however much milk I want with a shot of the syrup, microwave it, then foam it and add nutmeg. It's great for a quick and fun treat. I haven't tried it cold yet, cuz I feel like being warmed up! I want to research some that have egg in them, but for a quick one this is wonderful! The Almond breeze has 2carbs and 40 cals per cup.

Lisa Marshall said...


I have never ordered the DaVinci eggnog flavor. Think it is worth the purchase? I am with you on the warm part!

I have a cooked eggnog recipe in the newsletter this month if you are still searching.

Beth said...

I guess it tastes a bit artificial. I didn't go out and buy it; it was here because it was a gift to my husband who uses DaVinci in his coffee. But since I'm definitely not going to have real egg nog, I would buy it again for the sake of having a decent substitute! I look forward to it after work!

Denise said...

I found this recipe today and tried it. Mercy, it's delicious! Thank you for posting it. I'm a Type 1 diabetic who seriously misses eggnog and this will help me get through the holidays. :)