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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pesto "Bread" Sticks

If you like pesto, you will love these!I needed a quick side dish for some Turkey Red Sauce for John's lunch today. This is what I came up with rather than a more boring bun. I turned our regular buns into Italian bread sticks. This would work with either the soy or coconut buns. This recipe happens to use the double thick buns I baked last week, and I think the extra thickness is good, but they would work either way.

Pesto "Bread" Sticks

2 soy or coconut flour buns
2 slices cheese
1 teaspoon pesto sauce

Place two buns on a baking sheet. Cut them into strips, but do not separate. Top each bun with a slice of cheese--your choice. Bake them or use the toast option on a toaster oven. When cheese is melted, remove the buns and separate the strips. Top each stick with a bit of pesto sauce. Serve warm.

This will be excellent with the thick, tomato and turkey Italian sauce. Mmmm. Now on to Christmas preparations. I host a family dinner on Christmas Eve, and I have much prep work to do.

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