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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Pasta

When blizzards don't get in the way, my family spends Christmas day at my mom's home with my sister and all her kids. We are even into the next generation now too. My mom's instructions this year--instead of trying to get anyone to adhere to a theme--was bring your favorite. In the past we had enjoyed a bed and breakfast style buffet. But low carbing means lots of breakfast casseroles and that was not so special anymore. We then tried Italian food, but found it a little harder to make ahead and travel with. So potluck it is. We are likely to have all sorts of international favorites, and who cares? It is fun to see what others consider their signature dish, or which foods they can only have on special occasions.

Our Christmas pasta is in the second category. Can't really say it is my signature dish, as I kind of make it up as I go. It is something we indulge in rarely. Even though I use Dreamfield's pasta, my dear one's blood sugars are still likely to rise. Dreamfield's is so good, however, that no one can tell the difference between it and standard high carb varieties. I have to say, this year's choices were phenomenally good. I own a double crockpot. Each side is large enough to hold a pound of pasta. So, I made a different recipe for each side. They were both based on the same alfredo sauce, but the flavoring ingredients were very different. Everyone in my family liked both. Wish the snow wouldn't have prevented us from sharing it with the non low carbers in my family. They really flip when they get a taste of full fat ingredients. That is a true indulgence for them.

Christmas Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

1 pound Dreamfield's Rotini
1 jar alfredo sauce
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
4 ounces cream cheese
3 Tablespoons butter
1 cup Italian blend shredded cheese
1/2 cup diced sun dried tomatoes
1/4 cup sliced black olives
2 links Italian Sausage (or any variety)
1 package precooked crumbled bacon

Cook noodles according to package directions. Precook sausage and slice it. In a saucepan, add jarred Alfredo sauce, cream cheese, butter and garlic. Heat and blend well. Stir in tomatoes, olives, bacon and sausage. Stir the sauce in with the drained pasta and add salt to taste. Sprinkle with Italian cheese blend. You can stir this in, or leave it one the top to melt. Serve immediately or place into a crockpot to stay warm for serving.

Pretty, rich and easy. What a perfect holiday recipe! The next one was devoured before I got the camera out, so it must have been even better.

Christmas Pasta with Chicken and Pesto

1 pound Dreamfield's Penne Rigate Pasta
1 jar alfredo sauce
4 ounces cream cheese
3 Tablespoons butter
3 Tablespoons pesto sauce (more if you really like it)
1 cup Italian Blend shredded cheese
1 1/2 pound chicken tenders
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 teaspoons minced garlic.

Boil pasta according to package directions. Pan fry chicken in olive oil and minced garlic. Cut into bite sizes and set aside. In a saucepan, add jarred Alfredo sauce, cream cheese, butter and pesto sauce. Heat and blend well. Stir the sauce in with the drained pasta and add salt to taste. Stir in the chicken and top with the shredded cheese. Serve immediately or transfer to a crockpot to keep warm.

These looked very nice in my black dual crock. One side was flecked with green, the other side, with red. I was never able to make it to the family celebration. Our car could not get over the ridge left in our driveway from a giant snow drift. My poor boys shoveled for an hour. My oldest son, Andrew, was able to get his truck out, so he took one brother and attended the Christmas festivities at my mom's. The cousins made it--barely--and hiked in through her hills wearing garbage bags on their feet. Too funny. We shared a secret Santa exchange over the phone. Later in the day, my sons drove Nana back to our house for presents. She was nice enough to share some of the food from the lunch. Don't tell, but I still think my pasta was the best!


NeeCee said...

We were suppose to go to my sister's in Owasso. That didn't happen. Instead, we went to mom's since she is around the corner. We still got stuck twice just getting around the corner. LOL

Unknown said...

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