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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crack Slaw Fusion

Mexican Minute Beef tonight. So versatile when plans go awry. I was planning to make ours a scramble tonight. That is the Minute Beef with salsa and scrambled eggs. That is really tasty too. Add in those chips and you have a nice dish called Migas. Unfortunately, the eggs often cause me some stomach distress, and I was already not feeling all that well. Therefore, this dish was born. Funny how the salsa and extra habanero sauce I added doesn't bother the tummy at all!

I fed my boys some nachos because they are not great friends with cabbage. With Dad not home tonight, they won. But that doesn't mean I am eating tortilla chips. The Minute Beef in the freezer pals up with the cole slaw mix in the fridge. Once they meet in the skillet, we have a fusion of east meets southwest. Crack slaw usually has beef with coleslaw mix and Asian flavors. Mexican is good too.

The coleslaw mix cooks down nicely with the flavored Minute Beef. Too easy. When it is all hot, transfer it to a plate and top it off with some shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa. Ole.

Tomorrow night is a New Year's Eve party at our house. Two extra families--that is about all my little living room can hold. It will be fun, and I will be busy tomorrow getting snacks and games together. Happy New Year, all. I will be sending out the newsletter tomorrow too. It is time to get in shape from all this partying!(at least for me)


Jette said...

What is Minute Beef that you use? said...

My mouth is seriously watering right now, it looks absolutely delicious. What is minute beef though? I want to try this.