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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chicken Sliders

I am in like with the new gadget I found when I went junkin' yesterday with my wonderful old friend, Donna. I found a slider pan, and it just called to me. I already loved my ground chicken patties, but this makes them even more fun. I have this thing. I really dislike handling raw chicken. I think I inherited this particular quirk from my mom, who always refused to cut up a chicken. How far we came from her grandmother who used to chase the chickens in the yard and ring their necks! I do not make a good pioneer woman, but I do make an excellent slider cook.

I got 15 sliders from two large breasts. Into my Ninja they went. I added two capfuls of Wright's liquid smoke--so much better than the others, and all natural too. I also added some black pepper, some onion powder and salt. After a few quick spins to grind them up, the neat little spoon puts just the right amount of chicken into the wells in the pan. No handling the raw meat! It then has a press that puts the squeeze on the meat and makes nice round sliders. It also helps cook them by holding in the heat. I did still turn them once to get the browning from the hotter surface. Easy stuff.

While those were cooking away, a batch of Mr. Peanut bread was baking in muffin cups. These make the perfect little buns for the sliders. I got 12 from one recipe. Each roll is cut in half to make the mini sandwich.

I also made a fresh batch of Honey Roasted Barbecue Sauce. Love that stuff. I added a little more mustard this batch and had to use the plain yellow kind. Still delish.

This is an awesome meal. I love bargains. I also picked up a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. I am experimenting with that today too--in between getting ready for classes tomorrow. I think I know what I am taking for lunch! Sliders to go!


Jennifer [Click the 3 connected dots in the Blogpost to PIN or Share it] said...

I can hardly imagine this gadget. Interesting!

LindaCC said...

Did you come up with something good for the ice cream maker?? I just bought one. I am looking for good LC recipes with no or very little egg. My husband is allergic to egg. He can tolerate one, but no more.

Lisa Marshall said...

I am working on a frozen yogurt with no eggs at all, so that will be great. I have to make another batch of yogurt, though. That happens to be on my to do list today. I have made three trials recipes and still don't have it quite right. I will let ya know when I do.