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Friday, August 12, 2011

Kitchen Disasters and New Successes

Hi everyone. Those of you who follow me on Facebook must know that my life has been turned upside down a bit by a non-tornado weather event this week. My house was really damaged in a storm with some freaky winds which left a 30 foot hole in my roof--near my kitchen of course. We also lost all of our privacy fence, the windows in my van, my favorite tree and my almost new custom made paper bag flooring. Wah. All that work from the spring on that floor.

In the mean time, we have these giant fans trying to dry the house. It is almost unbearably loud in here, and the temperatures are rising fast. I have tried to cook a little, but the breakers blow all the time, it is hot, and insulation keeps falling into the food. Not a good mix, so the insurance promised (as much as they ever "promise") that they will pay for us to eat out. Better than cooking, but I know our healthy diet will suffer some. Even my Diner system can't save us from that. You can only eat so many chicken salads...

I know there are a few other choices, but we have 6 mouths to feed right now, and no up front money from the insurance company. It is getting challenging. Meantime, I am keeping busy choosing new flooring and paint for the kitchen. I think I will even rearrange things a little. Not much I can do with my tiny work space, but I am trying. Have any of you used that new flooring the is a floating floor that is vinyl? We are thinking about that but I don't know anyone with it.

I got a nice comment from a reader who has reinvented the most popular recipe on this blog. The Mr. Peanut Bread. Jen has turned it into a muffin with lots of yummy stuff...blueberries and chia. Since I am not baking these days, I thought I would send you over to Jen to see what she has done. Hope you don't mind I am reposting the photo of the muffins here. Read her variation here. Thanks, Jen. I did  try my regular Mr. Peanut recipe as muffins today in my Babycakes machine and they were great. I made them sweet with a fourth cup of ZSweet. If you don't mind a little yellow fuzzy topping, aka insulation, they were perfect!

If any more of you have great ideas, please let me know because I could sure use some guest bloggers the next couple of weeks. To make it easier to find me, email me directly at My computer space was compromised too, so I am not able to check as often. Wish me luck or send up some prayers that this will be an easier fix than they are anticipating....and a cool breeze would be great too.


Retta said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. I remember what a hassle it was to cook just for us two for the 4 days when my kitchen was all torn up while Jim replaced the wood flooring and installed the new vinyl.

I can't imagine all this! And naturally, of COURSE, it has to be hot, too. :-O

I hope your insurance comes through faster than expected! And... that it cools down for you.


Ginny said...

Oh Lisa! So sorry to hear you went through that. We were flooded in a storm years back and were homeless for a couple weeks, so I sympathize. Will pray for a quick fix for the damage and some cool weather. This summer has been so terrible, I am ready for Fall. Not much cooking here these days either.

Linda M said...

Oh my. Intrigued and very impressed Newbie here, and I'm commenting just to say how sorry I am to learn of your misfortune. Best of luck in getting everything back together again as painlessly and as soon as possible.

Until you're back with more to blog, I'll amuse myself with your archives. Hmmmm. Wonder if you mentioned anything about this paper bag floor business...

Joan said...

Lisa, I am very sorry that this disaster happened to you!! I am glad you are all safe. You have my prayers. I didn't know, haven't had any time for FaceBook for quite some time. Joan

Lisa Marshall said...


I guess I didn't explain much here on my blog. If you want to know more, I can email you photos and how to's. It is easy, just time consuming and well, doesn't do well in rain.

Staci Severns said...

Oh! I'm sorry to hear what happened. Thank goodness there were those giant fans to keep everyone dry. So how are you now? I hope you started this year with on the right foot. You were able to start, rebuild and cherish your life.

Lisa Marshall said...


Thanks for the concern. The house got all put back together in time for Thanksgiving. Still arguing about some of the insurance with the Roofers, but inside all is warm and cozy. Good to have my kitchen back!

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