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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kent's Stuffed Mushrooms

Well, I made it the first week. It is Among Friends Thursday. This week I tried the Stuffed Mushroom recipe from Kent Altena. Delicious. Lucky me, I get to eat them all, I think. Ever since I made my boys dissect a mushroom in biology class, they refuse to eat fungi. At least not whole ones. We do sneak a few onto pizza and into casseroles still. Obviously, mushrooms are not the prettiest, but these little bites are really tasty.

Kent's recipe uses baby portabellas, which I found at Aldi  for a great price. I had already dug into mine for another recipe, so I may have over stuffed mine a little tonight, being short three shrooms. All the better for some extra flavor. I also forgot a couple of spoonfuls of the diced mushroom (yes, I was distracted) which were supposed to be mixed in. I added those to the top, and I think that makes them prettier. These would be excellent for Christmas and New Years Eve parties. Look for the in Low-Carbing Among Friends page 273. Click on the photo of the book to go to the order page and to see some incredible photos of the recipes in the book.


Retta said...

So, every Thursday we get to see a photo of how one of the recipes in the book could look like?? Cool!
Are the other authors in the book doing this also?

Lisa Marshall said...

I think this is just my idea. Would be cool to get them on board too, but then we all have such busy lives! There are lots of photos on the cookbook site. I love photos of recipes but they are just too expensive to print. I have photos of all of my recipes if anyone wants to see them. Most are on my blog. I just thought it would be fun to get my Diner spin on recipes from the other authors.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids said...

Another Smart post from you Admin :)