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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maple Walnut Bundt Cake from Carolyn

I am hoping you are excited about trying out all the news recipes from the Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook. I am going to try to highlight recipes from the book once a week. I would say that I would call it Among Friends Thursdays, but my schedule might make that difficult, so no promises.

I can promise that Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food is a talented baker. She is also fighting diabetes through a low carb diet, and it is working for her too. As an avid baker, she has transformed so many sugary, gluteny recipes into incredible low carb confections. I happened to have an unopened bag of walnut meal I just retrieved from the deep freeze and thought this would be fabulous. I was right! My house smells like my favorite maple doughnuts, only this is good for us too. Wowzers. Carolyn's recipe in the book is for a bundt cake. I have this silcone bakeware which makes mini bundt cakes, so I pulled it out.  The recipe, being made to fill a standard sized pan, filled those and also a small cake pan and a mini loaf pan. I had a little trouble getting my mini bundt cakes to release. Now, isn't that what is supposed to be great about this flexible type of bakeware? I have always had trouble with this particular one it seems. I know it wasn't the recipe that was the problem, because the cake came out with no problem as did the mini loaf. So the smooth surface area that is on the flat cake seems a little mottled in the mini bundt. But still, the basic shape is what I was going for, and my family gobbled up the loaf while I was still waiting for the bundts to cool.

I couldn't resist adding a tiny few non pareils to the top of the icing. It is Christmas afterall. While I can make low carb colored sugar, I have not come up with a way to make these myself. If you would like to make this cake for yourself, the recipe is on page 201 of Low Carbing Among Friends. Carolyn does not have this one on her site, so you have to buy the book. Do that here. I love pictures of recipes I am going to make. Unfortunately, if we had included photos of the hundreds of recipes in the cookbook, it would have cost hundreds of dollars! The next best thing is to view examples of the recipes on the book site, or come here to see our photos of our own creations. I left the photos up for most of the recipes that are included in the book in my section. Just type the name in the search engine and see if it comes up.

This cake is perfect for lovers of walnut--or those of us who always have adored Maple flavoring. You would never know it is low carb. Thanks, Carolyn.


Retta said...

Oh, this is perfect... I've been in a mapley mood lately. These look so cute!

And just a few weeks ago I bought a silicone mini bundt pan that makes 4 little cakes. I tried it for a minute muffin in the microwave... was a little disappointed that they never really dried out, but stayed too "wet".

So can't wait to try these. Thanks! I'm really loving my new cookbook, so thanks for that, too.

Retta said...

Oh, I forgot to say, just yesterday I finally listened to Jimmy Moore's interview with Jennifer and Ian Eloff (who spearheaded the new cookbook you are in, for those that don't know). I loved hearing how it came about, the background and all. It was a fun interview.

And they said 2 volumes are already in the planning stages... wow! Can't wait. I hope they will do one as all crockpot, lowcarb and gluten free recipes. Hint hint.

Here's that link for the interview:

It was they kept talking about all the people who contributed to the book, I kept talking to my ipod, saying "and Lisa, and Lisa too!!" They finally got around to telling about you... whew!

Nichole @ said...

I've had such a hard time finding any low carb holiday treats I like or can make myself. This is going on my list tho!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for making them, Lisa. good point about the silicone molds...I don't own any, but have always thought about buying them. Perhaps they don't work as well with LC ingredients? Both my large and small bundt pans are dark, non-stick metal, and I have never had sticking issues as long as I work butter into every little crease.

I am putting out the ABP for LC holiday cookie recipes, so if you have any, send me the links. I want to do a round-up next week, probably Wednesday. I received over 90K views last month and I want to "share the wealth", so to speak, with my favourite LC authors!

LCDC said...

I had bookmarked this in the cookbook and finally got around to making it this weekend. My walnuts had an off smell, so I used pecans instead, and the flavor and texture of the cake were INCREDIBLE!

Although I had been using the Frontier brand maple flavoring, I found a new brand, Silver Cloud Estates, that is gluten and sugar free, and the flavor is really terrific - it didn't lessen in intensity after baking, either.

My standards are so impossibly high that I am often disappointed, but this is truly excellent - thank you!


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