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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Among Friends Thursday--Maria's Yakisoba Chicken

So with all the fuss, I missed a deadline or two for my cookbook review recipes. Today I got back on track, plus I have some super exciting news for you. But first things first. Yakisoba Maria style. I have never tried this before. Generally we stay away from soba noodles. In this recipe, Maria replaces those with shreds of cabbage. Seeing that hubby and I love cabbage, that was a good idea for us.

When Pearson came in, he said the kitchen smelled like Chinese food. I said that I was pretty sure this was Japanese. Turns out we were both right. The Japanese borrowed the Chinese Chow Mein and reinvented the dish with their own twist. Guess I am not the only one who does that!

My guys liked this dish, although I did sub some actual noodles for the boy who is an avowed cabbage hater. The main parts of the dinner were the same, though, so that wasn't too much trouble.

What I loved most was the addition of the peanuts. I love peanuts tossed into Kung Pao chicken, and this was similar, just no sweetness. The meal went together really quickly. The only change I found I needed to make was to add more coconut oil to my skillet after browning the chicken. There just wasn't enough left to stir fry the cabbage. Very good. Thanks, Maria. The recipe is on page 110 of volume 1 of Low Carbing Among Friends.

Now to the good news--that involves Maria too. Our new cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends is nearly ready! We authors get to spread the news to our followers of some special savings on preferred customer advance orders. Just visit this page and choose the book binding you prefer and place your order. Our U.S. friends are scheduled to get their books by the end of August. By pre-ordering using Paypal from the publisher, you can save on on the new book and save on on shipping and handling too--you can even order multiples of books and save even more on shipping. Also you can order the newer coil binding so the books stay open on the counter while you cook. Our first book is great, and the second has added some amazing new cooks, and promises to be wonderful as well. I can honestly say I don't cook from any other low carb cookbooks. If I am not creating my own recipes, I go to my Low Carbing Friends.It is that good!


Retta said...

I finally got around to making a batch of Ground Beef Jerky, from your January newsletter. I just have one word to say:


My hubby is a Jerky Snob, insisting jerky must be made from thinly sliced beef. Well, I made this "for me". And naturally he tried it, and is now thinking up flavorings for the NEXT few batches, ha ha ha!

Oh, and I used my little Jerky Gun extruder, by American Harvest. That made it SO easy. They came out nicely shaped and thin, and it went very fast.

Thanks for the recipe. I love jerky as a snack, but it's so expensive and full of chemicals. This is a great recipe to have!

Lisa Marshall said...

there ya go! I really liked the ground kind because I hate slicing raw meat.

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