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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Broiled Tomatoes with Pesto and Egg

I don't know what meal of the day these are best for. We had them for breakfast, but any time would be amazing.

It helps that I used fresh, homegrown tomatoes. When my son got married, not only did a beautiful girl enter my family, but also a wonderful in-law with a green thumb and an organic garden. While all my plants are withering away, hers is bountiful enough to share these beauties with me.Thank you Teri! She has also be a huge help getting the school together. Sometimes God sends you blessings in the form of friends.

If you have some gorgeous tomatoes waiting for the special treatment, try this recipe. It will not disappoint!

Broiled Tomatoes with Pesto and Egg

2 large tomatoes
1 egg
3 tsp pesto

Cut across the base of each tomato if it does not sit firmly. With a small knife, cut the core from each tomato, removing  a bit of the flesh as well. There is no need to completely hollow the tomato. Add 1 tsp pesto to the tomato. Lightly beat the egg. Pour it into the tomato cup. Place into a broil pan with sides in case of leakage. Broil for 5-8 minutes or until browned on top and egg is cooked.

Some egg may leak out. After broiling, I simply scooped that part back into the tomato. Top with an additional half teaspoon of pesto.

I used my own home made pesto, and the flavor was fantastic. This is definitely a worthy tribute to the homegrown tomato.


Retta said...

This definitely goes on my To Make list!
It'll be awhile yet, our tomatoes are so slow growing this year.
Our summer here in Oregon was slow getting started. But I look forward to our homegrown tomatoes every year. :-)
Your daughter in law sounds like a sweetie!

Margareth said...

this looks very tasty! have to try it sometime! ;)