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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bento Cube Lunch to Go

I haven't done a lot of Bento style lunch features lately. Taking a short break from working on the school house today--got to let some polyurethane on the floors dry well. So I have a minute or two to show the lunch I am sending off with the hubby.

He gets 4 lunchmeat roll ups. Granted, not the healthiest of meat choices, but better than what he might end up with on his own. Two have cheese in the slice, and the others are salami wrapped around dill spears. Then he gets an assortment of veggies--leftover steamed broccoli, celery sticks, grape tomatoes, and yellow pepper rings (NOT hot). I also added a cup of sliced chicken breast to boost the protein content a bit. He keeps some dipping goodies in the fridge at the office.

What I love about Bento is the way those containers help me to add more variety to a meal. Once you get going with the colors and flavor matching, you get a better meal. Plus, the small portions allow for better use of leftovers too. Although some people hate leftovers, they are among my favorite things ever!


Ashley said...

Great idea on the bento containers. Where do you get them?

Lisa Marshall said...

I got mine at Garden Ridge. I have seen them at Marshalls I think. Maybe it was Ross. Anyway, you can order them online too. The brand is Sistema Lunch Cube. Here's a link.