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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Burger Buffet

This weekend has been busy for us, and I only got to eat breakfast at home yesterday. For lunch, I scraped the insides of tacos into my Taco Bueno wrapper for an impromptu taco salad. Way too little food and too much money, but in a pinch it works. Besides, I had a coupon, so that helped. For dinner, we went on our weekly journey to Mazzio's Pizza where John and I helped ourselves to the salad bar. They have the best Ranch dressing. We just steer clear of the pasta salads, puddings and our old favorite, French dressing. (I do have a French dressing recipe for here at home, so we don't miss it that much)

Since we had two foods to blog about on Friday, today's blog entry will highlight Friday night's Burger Buffet. I always liked those burger restaurants where you got to add your own toppings, but I always wanted more than one combination. With mini burgers, you can have several flavors in one meal. It is simple to do--especially if someone helps unload all those condiments from the fridge. I grill up pre-made hamburger patties, then cut them into fourths. I bring out different cheese slices, mustards, relishes, and let the imagination go wild. For my carby boys, I buy dinner rolls to substitute for buns. Sometimes I make flax bread buns for us, but this time, we skipped the bread substitute. That leaves more room for burgers. I grill a few veggies too, and make a side of Nana's Coleslaw with a Kick.

Imagine the plate in the picture is a clock. Starting at 12 o'clock is:
1. Mayo mixed with low carb ketchup, topped with sugarfree sweet relish and lettuce.
2. Cheese, grilled onion, salsa verde and sour cream
3. Cheese, chili, grilled jalapeno and sour cream
4. Lettuce, Ranch dressing, bacon bits
5. Champagne mustard and grilled onion
6. Swiss cheese and grilled mushrooms
7. Slaw
8. Cheese, Pepperoni and grilled mushroom
9. (the center) Blue cheese dressing and Cajun hot sauce

When was the last time you had such variety in one meal? Now, I am ready for my prep day. More on that later...

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