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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charcoal Roasted Pork

The neighbors either love us or hate us tonight. John broke out the Smoke Cube to charcoal roast two pork butt roasts.(a.k.a.Boston butt = Boston roast = pork butt roast = pork shoulder Boston butt = Boston-style shoulder = Boston shoulder = Boston-style butt = fresh pork butt) Whatever you call this pork, call it GOOD! These were at Sam's for just $1.18 per pound. We just roasted 14 pounds worth for this week's Triple Play Meal. There is enough meat to make this a Multiply Meals recipe too, so we will eat three times AND have some to freeze for later meals. It smelled so good for the five hours it roasted.

The Smoke Cube is brilliant, yet still has a drawback. It holds four towers of charcoal to cook from the sides. You get the smoky flavor, but faster, more even cooking than a simple charcoal grill. The only problem we have found is that the very bottom of the foods, which sit in the basket, are farther from the heat. Therefore, they do not cook at the same rate, although they do get nice and smokey from wood chips. Tonight, we are cooking the bottom roast a bit longer in the crock pot. That is an easier problem to fix than the same dilemma we had with the turkey.

This week, I will make Carnitas with some, and Bobby-Q Pork with more. The smoky charcoal flavor blends well with both of these meals. Here's another picture. The meat was tender and quite juicy from the slow roasting. I only wish you could smell it.

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