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Friday, May 8, 2009

Chipotle Burgers for the Boys

Move over Rachel Ray. It is Burger Buffet at the Marshall house. The boys are back in town, and tonight I welcomed them home from college with big, thick, juicy beef burgers. They officially love me. The way to a man's heart afterall...

Being a buffet, they got to choose how to dress the burgers. I made plain, barbeque and chipotle patties. The peppery one was my choice. I add a dash of chipotle powder to the meat and blended it in as I was shaping the burger. Once on my george grill, I added a sprinkle of seasoning salt. Topped with some melty cheese and a generous spoonful of my freshly made salsa verde, it was a gourmet treat. Good stuff!

We often buy frozen sirloin patties, but nothing can replace fresh meat, shaped thick to be extra juicy. A side of coleslaw and dinner was served. My guys gobbled them up like starving baby birds with mouths wide open for a juicy worm. (they are not too fond of the dorm cafeteria) Now if I can get them off the Playstation, and get them to put away that mountain of belongings which are now piled on my living room rug. With my guys back for the summer, those leftovers are definitely not going to last as long. But I'm glad. I love to have my hungry babies back in the nest for awhile.

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