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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Subway Buffet

It is Friday night buffet again. Tonight I knew I would have a bunch of teenagers over for a movie night, so I wanted something that everyone could customize to their own taste. Sub sandwiches and salads were perfect. I set out an assortment of hoagie rolls, four kinds of cold cuts, three sliced cheeses,a huge salad, fresh veggie toppings, and all the condiments we own.

We low carbers had our choice of salad or low carb wraps. I made one with ham, Swiss cheese, spicy mustard,lettuce and onion. Another held smoked turkey, pepperjack, ranch dressing, lettuce and bell pepper. The kids enjoyed making their own creations with pepperoni,pickles, Italian dressing--just about everything you can get at the real Subway.

The house is quiet again. 13 young people and three dogs can be a little hectic. I love it though. They are great kids, and it goes to show that low carb foods can go mainstream with just a bit of planning.

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Melanie said...

My teenager loved the spread and had a great time! Thanks again!