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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Today is the big day for my guy. It is hard having a birthday around the holidays...especially when you are snowbound and can't get out to collect gifts! We did brave the ice today to let John eat some Chinese food. His favorite, though definitely not low carb. He did forgo the rice, and just stuck to meats and veggies. I am sure there were lots of sugars in those sauces, though.

For dessert, he gets a home made birthday cake. That is one way to tell him I still love him after all these years. His favorite flavor combination for his birthday cake was always chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. I have done my best to accommodate him this year. (Last year we had a big 50th surprise party, but this year is much lower key. That can be good too.)

I made the black bean chocolate cake from Low Carb Friends, Carolyn's version. If you wanna give it a go, the recipe is here. I have always had good luck with this recipe. It is very much like chocolate cake we all remember from our high carb days.

Vanilla frosting is a bigger challenge. But thanks to my e-friend Jennifer, I had a "go to" recipe. Thanks to her, the trial and error was all done for me. Find her great recipe for Betty Crocker-Like Frosting here. I used Truvia rather than the plain erythritol, and it tastes perfect. Thanks, Jennifer!

To pretty the cake up, I drizzled it with some sugar free chocolate syrup. Actually, I put a little bit on the cake itself. That was a mistake, because then the frosting was harder to spread. Some of it got a little smeared, but still it tastes great. All the white frostings I have made before used cream cheese. That flavor comes through, and is not my hubby's favorite. This uses dry milk powder instead. Worth the purchase!

So there is my labor of love. Happy Birthday Baby!


elie said...

oh my goodness that cake brownie thing looks really good!!! LOL

Unknown said...

I am a cake lover and I always like to taste different cakes.Chocolate cake is my favorite.I have made cake only few times at home.Thanks for that cake recipe.

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LaWanna said...

I recently purchased your cookbook and have been reading through the recipes. I would like to know what I can substitute for the Knorr cilantro cube and the hickory salt. These products are not available in my area.

Lisa Marshall said...


The cilantro cubes by Knorr say they equal 2 tsp. of diced cilantro. Just substitute fresh. I use these because I never seem to be able to use an entire bunch of cilantro before it turns to mush. If you have a Walmart near, that is where I find mine--often in the Mexican food section.

I have a recipe where you can make your own hickory salt. Just add 1 tablespoon liquid smoke to 1/2 cup salt, then let it dry out in a low oven, crumbling with your fingers from time to time. The recipe says to use sea salt, but I have to admit I haven't tried it yet. I still have some of the purchased kind in my spice rack. It is running low though, and I am betting making my own would be much less expensive.