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Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in the Routine Bacon Meatloaf

My oldest son went back to school today. Sad for me, even though I am very proud of him. He will be graduating this spring, and I am thinking he will never really be coming back home to my nest. I know that needs to happen, but it is tough letting go. He was in the best mood all during the holiday break. Must be love. One of these days very soon, it will be a job or grad school, then a wedding and kids. When did I get so old?

I made this meatloaf last week. After it came out of the oven, I realized that it was never gonna feed all five of us. So, I tucked it away until I was back down to four. It was perfect tonight, even though we all still could have eaten a bit more. That happens when something is really delish, and most the diners are men! We eat more than our bodies really need. I am trying to work on that one in my head. The guys? Doubt they care.

Pearson, the middle one, was laughing about how every slice of meatloaf in the college cafeteria is the same size. We wondered how they manage that and pictured one really long tube of meatloaf on an assembly line. Mine is nothing like that--you never know what shape mine will be. Everyone in my house fights over the crunchy ends, so I never make meatloaf in a loaf pan. By just mounding it on a sheet, we all get the "end" flavor.

This one, I rolled up spiral shaped with cheese slices and some strips of bacon. Most of the cheese ran out, but the bacon was awesome. Try it sometime. I used my regular recipe and used the chia seeds to keep it all moist. They have never failed me there. The meatloaf is so good, I had to start eating before I got my photo taken. Sorry, I just couldn't wait.

Tomorrow, boy number two will head back to school. Hubby is working overtime at several odd jobs to help pay for everything that has broken down lately, and all those college expenses. Before I go to bed tonight, I need to have his breakfast and lunch and packed for tomorrow. Dinner will be on the road taking Pearson back to JBU. That is planning ahead by necessity instead of choice. Thankfully, he has a small kitchen at work, or the poor guy would be getting very few hot meals. Guess that is life in the fast lane...but not in the drive thru.

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