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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stew Weather

We are still in the deep freeze around here. In fact, this morning, the family awoke to a scene right out of pioneer days. I bet we had ice on the blankets! Couldn't believe how cold it was this morning. John and I couldn't seem to get the nerve to get out of bed. Even though the sunlight was streaming through the bedroom window, our room was frigid. Understand, we have been enduring near 0 temps for several days now, but this morning, it was bone chilling. Reluctantly, we got up and hurried about to get ready for church. John turned on the TV to check the temperature, but found it was only 10 degrees. Yesterday morning, we were chilly, but fine at 7 degrees. Soon our sons stumbled down the stairs complaining that it was freezing upstairs. Usually, it is warm up, cool down. Now we knew we had a problem. Yep, the heater was blowing cold air.

We didn't make it to church, no one was willing to shower in our frigid bathrooms. John ran for firewood, and I found a repair guy who worked on Sundays, and didn't even charge extra. So we built a fire, watched church online together, and prayed that this wouldn't cost much. It is time to pay spring tuition, and we just had another truck repair. God is good. The repair was simple, and it only cost us $59 dollars. Blessings to that repairman who helped us out. I will surely use that service again. Not like the $150 charge from the plumber who stayed 15 minutes. Stupid Plumber. I digress.

So it has been a cold day to say the least. This stew hit the spot for sure. The recipe is back from an earlier blog, here. I used Minute Beef. I think baking today was the only time I have been warm! Who knew that prep day would end up feeling so good! (But no, I did not wash and chop salad today! Hot food only.)

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Retta said...

Brrrr! So glad you were able to get that easily and cheaply fixed.

Today I made a version of your cabbage/onion/enchilada sauce dish... hubby loved it!

I threw in stuff that needed to be used, like a handful of mushrooms and some sausage... sauteed it all with the onion, then added the cabbage. Along with salt & pepper, I used onion powder.

At the end, stirred in some sour cream that accidently got frozen and thawed (kind of grainy). Then I put it into a glass baking dish, sprinkled some cheddar over the top, some sliced olives, and browned the top in my FlavorWave Oven.

Wowee, it was good!
Thanks for another wonderful idea,