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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold Day, Warm Broth

The freezing rain is falling. A wicked winter storm is upon us. School was canceled and we are inside for the duration. (Well, the boy and I are safe--Hubby will have to be out in it, such is the life of a radio man) Having already had two cups of coffee this morning, I wanted something warm but not sweet. A cup of hot broth is prefect to ward off the chills of winter.

Last week I picked up a few cans of my favorite broth, College Inn Chicken with Herbs and Lemon. This is good stuff. I have purchased it at Big Lots for several years. It never seemed to be one those "one time only products." But when I looked on the company website for a photo, they didn't have it listed. Maybe it is discontinued after all. If so, head out to Big Lots and get some. The flavor, if you like lemon as I do, is so much better than regular broth.

Of course, if it is gone forever, it is still easy to add a shake of Mrs. Dash and a squirt of lemon juice to any canned broth. That way you can choose your sodium and fat content. Canned broth runs between 0 and 3 carbs per cup, with 5-20 calories or so. A pretty good nutritional bargain anyway you choose. College Inn does still have roasted garlic flavor and vegetable herb flavor. Both are slightly higher carb, but they sure sound good.

Hope and pray power stays on so I can keep you updated!

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