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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Daddy's Blender Omelet

I was on the bed about one o'clock this morning when today's breakfast inspiration hit me. I had fallen asleep, not intending to, and awoke to an infomercial for the Magic Bullet. I can't believe I had never tried the blender omelet. So, this is what the hubby got for breakfast today.

I can't eat too many eggs; the combo with onions and peppers will kick up my egg sensitivity, and give the belly ache that lasts all day. So this creation was just for the man of the house. (my youngest inherited the egg problem too) John said he likes the flavor. While the blender chopped the veggies almost too fine to see, he tells me there is more consistent flavor in every bite. Here is what I did:

Big Daddy's Blender Omelet

3 eggs
2 slices American cheese
green bell pepper
2 grape tomatoes

Add everything into a bullet blender. Pulse until the large chunks are chopped. Egg will be frothy. Pour into a buttered skillet. When the bottom sets, pull the cooked edges to the center, letting the liquid fill the voids. Cook until egg is no longer wet.

This did seem to have some extra water that must have seeped from the veggies. It made the omelet a bit more tender, and I had a bit of trouble flipping half over to remove it from the pan. In my efforts, it got a little too brown. But hey, I have never mastered the art of omelet flipping. You will probably do better. This is really how we eat, good, bad and ugly!

We attended church last night, so I have the rest of today to do my prep cooking for the week. I have a large roast that is going into my dual crock pot. I am seasoning it two different ways since that will feed us far more than a Triple Play meal usually does. At $1.68 a pound, we got a big roast. I am also making some Nana Nut Muffins and some Steakhouse Chicken Dumps.

My pastor is doing a series on keeping margins in your life. My cooking plan is one way I try to do that. The return on my weekend time is so valuable. Weekdays go so much more smoothly when a plan is in place and when so much is started already. Having meals ready in the freezer gives me the margin to run late, get snowed in, have unexpected company, or just have a day when I would rather spend time out of the kitchen. The plan saves so much mental energy and frees me for other things. Not to mention, it keeps the hubby's blood sugars in check so I can keep him around longer. Margin in the kitchen is there...I do have a few other areas that still need work, though...Maybe I can take what I learned in my kitchen wisdom and apply it all around.


Retta said...

I really like what you said about margins. I hadn't thought of it that way. I NEED that.

I have been lax lately in preparing ahead, and don't like that rushed "oh no what am I going to cook now" feeling! Thank you for a great reminder!
PS: I have a Bullet... I know what's for dinner today!! ;-)

Lisa Marshall said...

If you would like to see the series, it is online here.

This week's message is still running with church online, the first week is archived. Really great teaching we can all use. Check for a church online time here: