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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dinner on the Road

Usually when dinner is on the road, it means a trip around the drive thru lane. Not for my guys tonight. I made some Bobby-Q Pork for them to take along on the trip back to the campus. I am sad my holidays are over and that my oldest two are back at school, but still I am proud of them too.

I thought you might like to see this nifty little food container we use often. It is a divided container that folds over on itself to make lids. Pretty darn cool. Not quite bento, but cool none the less. It doesn't take up much space and yet holds a lot of food. John got a large serving of pork in one compartment, and some onions, tomatoes and pickles in the others. I bought mine at Garden Ridge. It is made by Sistema if you are looking for them. I wouldn't try soup or puddings in them, but most lunch foods are fine.

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