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Monday, January 25, 2010

Buffalo Burgers

Wowsers are these good! We have eaten buffalo a few times before, but never on a regular basis. Gotta admit, these are worth the price. I picked mine up at the meat counter at Reasor's, a high end choice for me. About $6 a pound. That definitely breaks my usual limit. I am cutting my calories though, so I splurged for me. The guys still got our usual ground chuck since they are not interested in counting calories these days. A quarter pound buffalo patty comes in at only 124 calories. Ground chuck has over 100 more calories per patty.

The buffalo meat stayed very moist and flavorful, even though I simply pan fried it. The meat is naturally very lean, so this surprised me a bit. I took the photo in the pan so you could see how little fat was rendered.All I added was some garlic powder and onion powder. These are too flavorful to "mess up" with steak sauce or ketchup, just let the flavor shine through.

Buffalo are not endangered any more. We even have a couple of ranches here in my part of Oklahoma. I can buy steaks, roasts, even stew meat. Too bad these giants don't roam the prairies anymore. I think the natives of the Plains had some terrific food on their hunter gatherer menu! I will bring the bison, and let my herb expert, Neecee, do the gathering!

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Joan said...

I love Buffalo burgers, but I can't splurge on them too often either.