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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barbecue Chicken Wraps

The great thing about making up a giant batch of chicken is that the meals that come from it will be so easy. Such is the case tonight. Mmm. Part of the batch of flavorful Ultra Chicken becomes Ultra Barbecue Chicken Wraps in almost no time. All I have to do is cut the chicken breast into strips and toss it in the pan with some KC Masterpiece Classic no sugar Barbecue Sauce. Love that stuff.

John gets his wrap spiraled up in a Lavash bread. Since that is not quite enough to fill a hungry man, I also made him a lettuce cup with the BBQ chicken inside. What you want in your wraps is up to you. We like onion, cheese and lettuce. Sometimes we add pickles too.

Oh, if you don't own the e-book, the Triple Play Ultra Chicken is so named because it is marinated in Michelob Ultra before baking. No alcohol is left, the flavor is unique and worth a try. If you don't have that made up, these wraps work well with Freezer Favorites Chicken Cubes too. When it can be this easy, no excuses for take out, right?


Beth said...

Hi just found your blog recently. Always looking for more low carb ideas! Have you bought the KC Masterpiece recently? I had bought several bottles a couple of years ago, but when looking for the sugar free or low sugar kind recently, it appeared to me that they discontinued it. If you have found and bought it recently, would you tell me where please??? Thanks!

Lisa Marshall said...

Yes, I can buy it down the street at the small grocery store by my home. Just bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago. The name is Warehouse Market. I'm pretty sure the chain is regional, however. Where are you?

It did disappear from my Walmart, though.