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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Greek Chicken

I bought some Greek seasoning the other day. This makes an easy quick dinner. I just sprinkled it on some precooked chicken strips while they were thawing and heating up in the skillet. Those are so easy to work with for quick meals. Thawing is optional. Then I added some diced onion, parsley, pepper and lemon juice. Once everything was hot, in went some feta cheese. Love that for a flavor punch. Since I was in a hurry, I just added canned green beans on the side. Super easy low carb meal.

I have been enjoying a visit from my oldest son and his girlfriend, so I haven't been cooking too much. Friday night we had Southwestern Beef from the e-book. Yesterday, we enjoyed a trip to the local art museum and had a quick lunch out. Today, I stayed home with a sick boy #3, while the others went to church and ate out at Tin Star. I left John with orders to eat a cheeseburger taco, which they offer with a lettuce wrap rather than a bun. Now the big kids are off to a Valentine movie, then back to school. I will go take care of my youngest and watch the Olympics. Somehow, the plans I made to make some special Valentine's candy got put on hold. C'est la vie. We can admire the roses--those have fewer calories anyway.


Retta said...

I misread the title of this post, and was reading along looking for why you called it Green Chicken. LOL!

I hope you boy feels better fast... aww, such a good Mama.

Happy Valentines Day,

NeeCee said...

Sorry to hear Christian is sick. I got roses too! Far less calories and later, it can go into my compost pile to help my veggies grow. :0)