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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunch and Dinner at the Office

John has a game tonight, so he will be working late. These are the days when I not only need to pack a low carb lunch, but also something for a light dinner. He often wants a bit of what we had after he finally drags home. But I certainly don't want him hungry and running to the snack bar or What-a-burger up the street.

For lunch, I packed him a bento box with deli items. He got three deli roll ups, meat and cheese only. He also got some sugar free sweet pickles. I swear he can eat the whole jar in a day. Wish he liked bread and butter pickles. I know how to make low carb versions of those at home for way less money. He got some leftover Nana's Coleslaw with a Kick, some sliced onion and some pepperoni. I also added some Ranch dressing to dip the roll ups into. That set him for lunch.

For a light dinner, I made a Pizza-in-a-bowl. I found this adorable valentine baking dish yesterday at Michael's. I only paid 38 cents for it. This can go in the microwave or the toaster oven at work. I just piled in cheese, jarred spaghetti sauce, onions, Minute Sausage, and pepperoni. We like green bell peppers in there too, but they were a dollar each, and I am not doing that! He also got half of a lavash bread to toast. That will make it more like real pizza, but not send his blood sugars up. The bowl of toppings is just as good without it though. With the company this weekend, my shopping schedule was off. I just got my groceries yesterday, and haven't had time to make our big salad for the week. This morning, I ran out of time to get John's side salad, so he can buy one at the snack bar for a dollar, or he can wait til he gets home.

Now I am off to prep for school, and get some laundry done for our trip to JBU this weekend. It will be fun to see the boys and some of John's friends from his college days there. Of course, it will take some planning to stick to our way of eating. We are bypassing all the meals at the school cafeteria, and skipping the coffee and doughnuts at the President's home. I am sure we will find some good salads along the way, and our hotel room has a mini fridge so I can pack some goodies to keep us on track. The continental breakfasts at hotels usually have nothing BUT carbs.


Anonymous said...

I need to get one of those bento containers.

Lisa Marshall said...

I am just using pencil boxes intended for students. Less than a dollar. I use silicon muffin cups and individual bakers to make up the compartments. Oh, and for lids I have small containers from the Dollar Tree. There are wonderful ones you can order online, though.

Tami said...

Would you share your recipe for low carb bread and butter pickles? I love them!

I'm also having a pizza bowl for dinner this week. :)

Lisa Marshall said...


I have used this recipe with success. I just subbed liquid sucralose for the sugar.