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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kristen's New Mexico Cheeseburger

The taste of this is great for lovers of green chilies. Around here, that's me. Check. I also like all the work already done for me. Check. This is spicy and creamy and meaty. Who could ask for more? Oh yah, me. Make that speedy too.

You know when you are cooking out and you get those coals just right? It's usually when your meat is done cooking. You are left with nice hot charcoal just begging for more. That's when I like to bring the hubby another plate of burger patties. Not that we can eat that many--but why not grill up more while the coals are ready? Burger patties will reheat nicely for quick lunches or midnight snack attacks.

That is the birth of this yummy concoction. When we had our pool party last week, we had leftovers. Today, I am enjoying the fruit of that labor for this burger named for the home state of one of our guests of honor at that party. Here's to my son's adorable girlfriend Kristen, a lover of the green chili!

Kristen's New Mexico Burger

1 precooked, fire grilled beef burger patty
1 ounce cream cheese
2 Tablespoons green chilies
sprinkle of jalapeno salt

If the burger patty is frozen, thaw first. Spread the cream cheese on the burger and sprinkle with jalapeno salt. Add the chilies over the cream cheese. Heat in the microwave oven or in a toaster oven.

That's Kristen in the center of the photo.

Here is the brand of jalapeno seasoning I use. Back in the old days, I used this with rice. Now, it flavors other things!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, where do you purchase that jalapeno seasoning. Sounds good.

Lisa Marshall said...

Locally. I get it at Reasor's--also where I buy bigger cans of Green Chilies to freeze. You can get it online too, I think.

T2Nashville said...

OK, YUM! What a great way to get my protein in, and still get some great flavors. Thanks for posting this one! Sometimes, the simplest ones are the ones that impress the most!

Joan said...

Yum! I think I could eat green chilies on almost anything....or with a spoon. Haven't tried cream cheese on a burger but I will now!

Kahri said...

Delicious!! I love my green chili!! :-)